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Title:A Slice of Life or the Crumbs of Existence
Director:Janet Merewether
Genre:Experimental short
“I do not cut my life up into days, but my days into lives, each day, each hour, an entire life.” Seven days, seven moods, seven lives. The romantic...more more
Title:A Square’s Safari
Director:Janet Merewether
Genre:Experimental short
It’s an experimental comedy animation. Leaving paper pushing behind, Roy Wright picks up his spear and flourishes it, hurling into the New Age. An ex...more more
Title:Alice’s Adventures through a Book
Director:Lee Wan-Chen
“What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?” “Alice is tried with those books filled with words. She considers “book” with anot...more more
Title:Apple Trees
Director:Helma Sanders-Brahms
Sometimes love is a question of the time in which one lives. Thousands of apple trees as far as the eye can see when the German Democratic Republic st...more more
Director:Byun Young-Joo
Christmas is shattered when a woman invites herself round and suddenly blurts out she’s been having an affair with Mi-Heun;s husband, Hyo-Kyng and ac...more more
Title:Can I Kiss You ?
Director:Pei-Wen HSIEH
It is you that I gave the question to. Then, the only thing I can do is waiting. At such a raining night, everything changes so much so fast. The ques...more more
Director:Monica Kao
Genre:Short Fiction
In the way of pursuing true love, nothing can ever change Emma’s persuasion. Stubborn as usual, Emma will never give up and stop running after her ve...more more
Title:Cheap Blonde
Director:Janet Merewether
Genre:Experimental short
A short study of the relationship between words and meaning. The twelve words—Cinema is the history of men filming women- are to alter and corrupt th...more more
Title:Contemporary Case Studies
Director:Janet Merewether
Genre:Experimental short
This is a black comedy and utilizes a graphic and witty design/shooting style to present perspectives on contemporary relationships in Sydney at the t...more more
Title:Diasporama : Dead Air
Director:YAU Ching
This is an experimental documentary based on the personal experiences of people from Hong Kong, which is to revert to China in 1997. This program addr...more more