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2009 WMW Film Festival

Women Make Waves Film Festival celebrates the achievements of outstanding female talents and is committed to explore different aspects of women's lives as well as to advocate equality and rights of all genders through access, education and film. By covering a wide range of genres, issues, and representations of women, the Festival aims to present, promote and honor women’s survival wisdom and resisting power in the world of cinema.

The 16th Women Make Waves Film Festival, organized by the non-profit Taiwan Women’s Film Association, will be held in Taipei in October, 2009. The selected films by the festival organizer will join the national tour of Taiwan shortly after the screenings in Taipei.

The submission deadline for selection purposes is: April 30, 2009.

WMWFF 2009 seeks film, video, work in digital media that address the following issues:
Away From Home: In recent years, various forms of globalization have accelerated and complicated border-crossing experiences, voluntary or not, between center and periphery. Such experiences often unsettle the traditional meaning of home and even
entail a reconfiguration of it. We welcome film, video, or work in digital work that re-thinks the definition of home through women’s experiences of leaving and/or returning home that involve being diasporas, immigration, escape, travel and other possible forms of relocation.

Focus on the Black: President Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential election of 2008 has drawn global attention to racial politics in American History. This historical moment has also caught in the public eye in Taiwan. The media hype in Taiwan surrounding the black history (in America especially) has often left out black women’s experience. In this category, we seek film/video/ work in digital media with a subject on black experience or identity from a gender perspective.  

The Art of Breaking Up: Break up is never easy as it often causes enormous emotional turbulence, and yet, it is one of the ways to gain personal growth. In response to the request from the past festival-goers, we are looking for film/video/work in digital media that deal with the termination of a love relationship.

Download: 2008 WMWFF Regulation and Entry Form