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Director:Isabel HERGUERA
Inés travels to India to visit her friend Ámár, who has been living in an asylum for many years. Inés recalls the last day...more more
Title:(The Importance of) Hair
Director:Christina HÖGLUND
Genre:Documentary short
About losing your looks, suddenly, and what happens then...well, it’s just the hair. But what if your personality is more in the skin and your output...more more
Title:365 without 377
Director:Adele TULLI
Genre:Documentary short
Imposed under the British colonial rule in 1860, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code criminalized any same sexual acts. On 2nd July 2009 the Delhi Hi...more more
Title:5 Lessons and 9 Questions about Chinatown
Director:Shelly Silver
You live somewhere, walk down the same street 50, 100, 10,000 times, each time taking in fragments, but never fully registering THE PLACE. 10 square b...more more
Title:9 SHOT
Director:Hsin-Yu CHOU
Genre:Short Fiction
The woman makes her living by recycling the bottles and cans on the street. One day, she runs into a shooting scene and is accidentally filmed by a fi...more more
Title:A Horse is Not a Metaphor
Director:Barbara Hammer
Genre:Documentary short
Filmmaker Barbara Hammer fights ovarian cancer with visions of horseback riding and river swimming in her new experimental film, A Horse Is Not a Meta...more more
Title:AGNUS DEI: Lamb of God
Director:Alejandra SÁNCHEZ
Jesús ROMERO was an acolyte when the priest of his church sexually abused him when he was 11. It is a victim’s story, undertaking a battle aga...more more
Title:Alis's Dreams
Director:Salone ISHAHAVUT
Genre:Documentary short
The typhoon Moracot shattered the tribes in the mountains, damaged the road for transportation, and made the aboriginal people homeless because of the...more more
Title:América mon Amour
Director:Stèphanie MORISSETTE
A First Nation man from North America and a South American woman fall in love with each other. The love story between them revisits and justifies the ...more more
Title:Angel Farmer
Director:Ching-Chih CHEN
Genre:Documentary short
There are many special children going to the ecological community home to clean the garden, put vegetables and feed pigs, chickens and ducks. They lik...more more