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Director Helen PARISLeslie HILL
2007 Genre Documentary
Duration 10' min Nation UK
Origin spec. Betacam Subtitled in Traditional Chinese
Color Color
Award Records
Issue about Women and Mental Health、Diaspora, Immigration and Exile、Race and Ethnicity、Teenage Girls
Keyword 2010女性影展 青春記事簿 Chronicle of Youth 我心歸屬 (Be)longing
Year 2010 Theme 17th 2010 WMWFF-Rock Your Body
Activity classification Chronicle of Youth
Preserve spec. DVD、Betacam

Film Status

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Copyright Infor. WFDiF-Documentary&Feature Film Studio
E-mail: [email protected]
A group of inspiring African teenagers brought illegally into the UK overcome desperate situations and build new lives for themselves in London. Now in college, the girls face deportation on their 18th birthdays under current Home Office rules. This film asks them what they long for and where they feel they belong.
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