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HOME > Film Database > !Women Art Revolution: A Secret History

Title:!Women Art Revolution: A Secret History
Director Lynn Hershman LEESON
2010 Genre Documentary
Duration 83 min Nation USA
Origin spec. Digi-Beta Subtitled in Traditional Chinese
Color Color
Award Records
Issue about Women and Art、Women and History、Women and Politics、Women and Sports、Women and Work、Women and Space、Body Politics、Women's Movement
Keyword 女性與藝術史,人權關懷,當代女性藝術家訪談,藝術與行動
Year 2012 Theme 19th 2012 WMWFF
Activity classification Lust & Longing
Preserve spec. DVD

Film Status

Use in the association only
Copyright Infor.
The Feminist Art Movement was an activist movement, providing a model of cultural and political change. Art protests were waged against discrimination and racial exclusion as well as violence against women. Over time, the tenacity and courage of these pioneering women artists resulted in what many historians now feel is the most significant art movement of the 20th century.
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