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Barbara Hammer Classic DVD

Master in Women's Cinema——
Barbara Hammer Series 4 DVDs with 7 Classic Films. Now on Sale!

 4 DVDs Include 7 Classic Films

《Nitrate Kisses》+《Lover Other》|《Tender Fictions》+《Tender Fictions》|
《Out of South Africa》+《History Lessons》|《Resisting Paradise》

 For Home Use Only
● 4DVDs (include 7 classic films)      Price:  2500 (NTD)  (tax excluded)
 Educational Version
● Including the certification authority    Please contact   Tel:02-2792-3255    Fax:02-2790-9316


About the Director
Hammer is an ancestress of feminist experimental films and lesbian movies. She’s also one of the avant-gardes and independent film workers in the US. Hammer has produced more than 120 films including experimental and documentary films which mainly concern the issue of sex, gender, society and history. Her “Homosexual Trilogy” on lesbian and gay history: Nitrate Kisses (1992, won Polar Bear Award), Tender Fiction (1995) and History Lessons (2000),have already viewed as the classics of homosexual and independent cinema.
《Nitrate Kisses》 
1992 | USA | Fiction | B&W | 67min | Chinese、English
◎1993 Sundance Film Festival Documentary 
◎1993 Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin Polar Bear Award

Nitrate Kisses is Hammer’s first feature-length film which explores the images of lesbian and gay culture. As a pioneer of lesbian cinema, the film includes footage from the first gay film in the U.S and German narrative and documentary films of the ‘30s to illustrate the contemporary sexual activity between four homosexuals and the questions of a forbidden and invisible history. Nitrate Kisses potentially encourages viewers, both homosexuals and heterosexuals, to collect and preserve their ordinary lives (photos, books, or letters) as a part of their personal histories. This film suggests a new visibility for gays and lesbians from the past to the present.
《Lover Other》
2006 | USA | Documentary | Color | 55min | Chinese、English
French Surrealist lesbian sisters, Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, played by Kathleen Chalfant and Marty Pottenger leave Paris for Jersey Isle in 1937. They collaborate creating gender-bending photographs, collages, and writing. During the WWII Nazi occupation they perform heroic and imaginative acts of Resistance as "The Unknown Soldier". Captured, imprisoned, sentenced to death, they attempt suicide. They are eventually reprieved.
《The Female Closet》
1998 | USA | Documentary | Color | 60min | Chinese、English 
This 60 minutes documentary film records the lesbian life of three female artists, Alice Austen, Hannah Höch and Nicole Eisenman. The content and footage of this film covers from original reports, personal photos to newly discovered home movies and visual sources across the century. The film finds its enlightenment and answer to its audience about the closet culture, through the observation of the closeted and not-so-closeted lives of these three women artists.
  《Tender Fictions》
1995 | USA | Documentary | Color | 58min | Chinese、English
◎1996 Sundance Film Festival
Childhood stories of the artist as a young lesbian and intimate tales of the lesbian as a young artist underscore the filmmaker's life of performances. The stories tug at your heart, the theory teases your intellect, and the fragile lines between truth and fiction provoke you in this dense and hypnotic montage. Hammer uses her own “biographical style”, moving between reality and fiction, and her personal experiences and archival footage to make a touching and sincere statement of the life a lesbian.
  《Out of South Africa》
1994 | USA | Documentary | Color | 54min | Chinese、English 
In 1994, Hammer was invited to have a retrospective at the first Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on the African continent. After that day, she started to teach video production skills in the townships. Out of South Africa documents the teaching process and love stories; also, it shows the contrast between gays and lesbians, black and white, Indian and Asian in the country of transition.
  《History Lessons》
2000 | USA | Documentary | Color | 70min | Chinese、English 
Hammer builds a vaguely chronological phantom "history" of lesbian in-ya-face-dom throughout the last century, deploying funny visual juxtapositions and cheeky audio manipulations. She discovered many charming materials such as old news and ads, images of female army from the W.W. II. and some real videos about T-bar to sneer the historical interpretation of lesbian from the angle of humor and satire instead of anger. History Lessons is like a magic box which is full of gender politics, humor and maybe some fantasy.
  《Resisting Paradise》
2003 | USA | Documentary | Color | 80min | Chinese、English 
Hammer explores the serious issue about how the artists survive over the massacres and chaos cause by the war. She studies many well-known French painters including Bonnard, Matisse, Seurat and others. Hammer reflects her thoughts into the film and makes contrast between those artists’ lives and the outside world in that miserable period. It is about art research, history found, and deep thought of artist’s responsibilities to the society & art works.
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