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Women Make Waves Film Festival Classic DVD

Kim Longinotto《Dream Girls》 + 《Shinjuku Boys》+ 《The Day I Will Never Forget》and
Lisa Gornick《Tick Tock Lullaby》4DVDs-Now for Sale!

 For Home Use Only
4DVDs                                                     Price: 2200 (NTD) (tax excluded)
 Educational Version
● Including the certification authority     Price: 12,000 (NTD) (tax excluded)


About the Director
Kim Longinotto
One of the foremost documentary filmmakers working today. Kim Longinotto is renowned internationally for her compellingly human portraits and her sensitive and compassionate treatmentof difficult topics. By seeking out, observing, and following the untold stories of women’s daily lives, she has created cinéma vérité portraits of the larger society and cultural customs. Longinotto’s documentaries have tackled a wide range of subjects, from a controversial Japanese feminist performer to divorce in Iran. She received a Peabody Award and the Cannes Film Festival’s prestigious Prix Art et Essai and she took home a Special Jury Prize and the International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam (IDFA)

Lisa Gornick
Lisa Gornick is an author – performer, filmmaker. Her wry, intelligent filming style has won her five international awards. She is one of the few up and coming filmmakers in the UK.

《Tick Tock Lullaby》
Lisa Gornick | 2007 | USA | Fiction | Color | 73min | Chinese、English
◎2007 Berlin Britspotting Film Festival Best Feature Film  ◎2007 France Creteil International Women Film Festival 

Tick Tock Lullaby is a wry comedy about the decision to have a child or not. The film interweaves cartoonist Sasha’s drawings with her real life dilemma of whether to changeher life’s course and become a mother. The more she thinks about it the harder it is- if only she could procreate lustfully and let chance decide. However, since her mate is Maya, she will have to use her mind rather than her body to make her baby. She mourns the fact it cannot be a romantic expression of their love- but must be thought out rationally. This film looks at the prevalent pros and cons of whether to become a parent. Told in the first person- it is an intimate philosophical comedy - using humor as well as poignancy to investigate the mother within and the dilemma of how to express it.

《Shinjuku Boys》
Kim Longinotto / Jano Williams | 1995 | UK | Documentary | Color | 53min | Chinese、English 
1995. Great Britain.Directed by Kim Longinotto, Jano Williams. This remarkable documentary about female sexuality in Japan follows the lives of three onnabe — Japanese women who live as men and have girlfriends—who work as hosts at the New Marilyn Club in Tokyo. As the film follows them at home and on the job, all three talk frankly about their gender-bending lives, revealing their views about women, sex, transvestitism, and lesbianism. Alternating with these illuminating interviews are fabulous sequences shot inside the club, which is patronized almost exclusively by heterosexual women who have became disenchanted with biological males.

《Dream Girls》
Kim Longinotto / Jano Williams | 1993 | UK | Documentary | Color | 50min | Chinese、English
br /> 1993. Great Britain. The Takarazuka Revue is wildly popular musical theater company in Japan in which young women are trained to play all the male and female roles. Thousands of girls apply each year to enter the male-run Takarazuka Musical School; the few who are accepted endure years of a reclusive and highly disciplined existence before they can join the Revue. Dream Girls offers compelling insight into gender, sexual identity, and the cultural contradictions experienced by Japanese women today.

《The Day I Will Never Forget》
Kim Longinotto | 2003 | UK | Documentary | Color | 92min | Chinese、English
2002. Great Britain. Longinotto covers the topic of female genital mutilation with exceptional sensitivity and candor. From gripping testimonials by young women who have undergone the procedure to interviews with elderly matriarchs who stubbornly defend the practice, Longinotto paints a complex portrait of the polemics and conflicts surrounding the issue. The documentary follows the work of Nurse Fardhosa, Who is educating communities in attempt to fight the tradition of female circumcision.

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