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2015 Women Make Waves Film Festival
2015 Women Make Waves Film Festival Call for Entry!

2015 Women Make Waves

Film Festival 


Deadline for Entry: May 1, 2015

Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan aims to celebrate the achievements of outstanding female talents, to explore different aspects of women's lives as well as to promote equality and rights of all genders. By covering a wide range of genres, issues, and representations of women, the Festival seeks to present and honor women’s survival wisdom and power as they are turned into films and gain mainstream recognition.


The 22nd Women Make Waves Film Festival, organized by the non-profit Taiwan Women’s Film Association, will be held in Taipei in October, 2015. A portion of the selected films will be invited on a nationwide tour shortly after the screenings in Taipei city.


    Submission is OPEN to feature films, short films, documentaries, animations, experimental films and innovative visual productions for digital media.

    We OPEN to all kinds of subjects, but films address the following issues will be preferable: Anything related to LGBTQI communities, women issues, and current events around the world, such as feminism and post-feminism. We also encourage SEXY, cutting-edge, daring films that are innovative in cinematic styles and forms, that explore the aesthetic possibilities of the cinematic medium, and that draws on influences from all types of art forms and cultures.


1. Female Labor Force in Film Industry: We encourage documentaries and feature films that focus on labor rights, narrative, autobiography and history for female filmmakers other than directors.    

2. Non-Nation Women: We look for films that state “the existence of her is to challenge, to question, to be against the boundary and definition of nation-state”. We welcome but not limit to issues on human rights, history, and narratives about refugees, aboriginal women, diasporas in contemporary economic and political situation.  

3. Women’s Adventure Spirit: We search for female explorers who break the geographic and physical boundaries. We welcome but not limit to history and narratives of pilots, sailors, extreme sportswomen, athletes, and alpinists, etc.

4. Queer Flame: Define by you.


    The films submitted need to be directed at least by One FEMALE Director.

    The films submitted must be Taiwan Premiere.

    The films submitted must have been completed after May 1, 2013.

    NO entry fee is required.

    System: NTSC/PAL (NTSC highly preferred)

    Format: film—35mm, 16mm

                   video—HDcam, Betacam, Digital Beta, Blu-ray, DCP



    Download the Entry Form HERE

    Send the following materials by EMAILwmwff2015@gmail.com:

Completed and signed entry form
Completed dialogue lists in original language AND English
Synopsis of the film in English, in both short (50 words) and long (150 words) versions
Full casts and credits list
Director’s biography (under 100 words) AND filmography
Director’s statement (under 100 words), if available
3 different stills from the film (at least 300 dpi High Resolution)
A photo of the director (at least 300 dpi High Resolution)
Film reviews, if available

    Send the following materials by POST/COURIER:

Completed and signed entry form (before sending out the paper form, please send it first by email wmwff2015@gmail.com
Two DVD screeners with English subtitles (in NTSC Format). Please note that the screeners must be exactly the same version as the screening materials.
Publicity materials (posters and/or press kits if available)
Trailer or excerpts (DVD in NTSC format) if available

On the package, please write "For Cultural Use Only, No Commercial Purpose.” Please also note that WMWFF will NOT return any materials after submission.


Mailing Address

Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan

3F., No.16, Lane 10, Singcheng St.

Datong District, Taipei City 10353

Taiwan (R.O.C.)



    The selected films will be screened 1~3 times in their original versions during the 22nd Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan and will be invited on a nationwide tour shortly after the screenings in Taipei city. WMWFF will NOT provide screening fees for these screenings.

    Screening materials already with English subtitles are preferred. Chinese subtitling will be added using a projection system or dubbed on a new copy which will only be used during the festival.

    Upon the acceptance or the invitation, all of the requested materials as abovementioned should be sent as soon as possible in order to assist the compilation of the Festival Catalogue.

    WMWFF will cover the print’s shipping costs (custom tax included) to and from the original print source only. Please note that WMWFF will NOT be responsible for any shipping costs (custom tax included) for the next destination.

    Once a film is selected, the Festival has the right to use its excerpts (maximum 10% of the total length) for publicity purposes. This compilation of footages of selected films will be put on the Internet as well. It is highly recommended and greatly appreciated if a DVD version of the trailer or excerpts of the film can be provided.


If you have any questions, please contact us


Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan

3F, No.16, Lane 10, Singcheng St.

Datong District, Taipei City 10353

Taiwan (R.O.C.)

T: +886-2-2557-8631 F: +886-2-2552-9728

E-mail: festival_tw@wmw.com.twwmwff2015@gmail.com

Web: http://www.wmw.com.tw/