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Title:!Women Art Revolution: A Secret History
Director:Lynn Hershman LEESON
The Feminist Art Movement was an activist movement, providing a model of cultural and political change. Art protests were waged against discrimination...more more
Title:100% Yssam
Director:Isabelle MAYOR
Genre:Short Fiction
Semira, a 15 years old teenager, believes as her friends that being a virgin is uncool. When she falls for Yssam she tries to fix it. A portrait of a ...more more
Title:2 Days in Paris
Director:Julie Delpy
Genre:Fiction、Long Fiction
2 Days in Paris follows a New York couple, French photographer, Marion and American interior designer, Jack, as they attempt to re-infuse their relati...more more
Title:A Balloon for Allah
Director:Nefise Özkal LORENTZEN
Norwegian-Turkish filmmaker Nefise decides to send a balloon letter to Allah in order to change the role of women in the Muslim cultures. Following he...more more
Director:Maria BOCK
Genre:Experimental short、Short Fiction
A vital musical film about being who you are and loving who ever you want. A story about a young man's quest for love and acceptance, all in a lively ...more more
Director:Sejung JANG
Genre:Experimental short、Short Fiction、Documentary short
Untold truths about a girl who killed herself in 2001. Finally, a man who had witnessed it all decides to come forward....more more
Director:Torsha BANERJEE
Genre:Short Fiction
Beauty is a 16 year old, prostitute's daughter, surviving in a brothel, still untouched, unspoilt. Her realm is confined in a raggedy damp bathroom as...more more
Title:Blah, Blah, Blah
Director:Julie Delpy
Genre:Experimental / Fiction、Short Fiction
A comical insight into the trials and tribulations of two women in Los Angeles, who have to deal with love, herbs and random crime. A truly classic se...more more
Title:Calling and Recalling: Sentiments of Women's Script (Nüshu)
Director:Yu-I KUO
Nüshu is a female-specific writing system, circulated in Jiangyong County, Hunan Province, China. Women in Jiangyong have been using nüshu t...more more
Title:Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same
Director:Madeleine OLNEK
Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same tracks the adventures, misadventures and experiences of three aliens from the planet Zots, sent down to Ear...more more